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Jindalee Resources Limited (“Jindalee“) is a public company with the primary objective of creating wealth for shareholders through the discovery of world-class mineral deposits. Jindalee’s strategy to identify and acquire projects with the potential to transform the Company continues to be the primary focus. The strategic land packages acquired at Widgiemooltha and McDermitt (US) are examples of larger scale undertakings where Jindalee is investing substantial effort with the goal of creating significant value.  Work undertaken by Jindalee in 2019 confirmed that McDermitt is one of the largest lithium deposits in the US.
Jindalee has a track record of rewarding shareholders through priority entitlements to new listings (including Energy Metals, Alchemy Resources and Anchor Resources) and in July 2010 a fully franked special dividend of $0.55 was paid to eligible shareholders. At 30 June 2020 Jindalee had only 38.5M shares on issue and held liquid assets (cash and shares) worth approximately $3.1M.  On 14 September 2020 the Company announced a placement and entitlement offer to raise up to $1.85M (before costs).  On completion of the raising Jindale will have cash and marketable securities worth approximately $4.9M.  These assets, combined with our tight capital structure (only 44.7M shares on issue after the raising), provide a strong base for advancing projects currently held by Jindalee and leverage into new opportunities.


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