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Global Health (ASX: GLH) is a leading provider of Digital Health solutions to the Australian Healthcare Industry. Innovation, consumer-centricity and connectivity are the foundations of the Company’s vision of ‘Connecting Clinicians and Consumers.’ Our applications help streamline the delivery of healthcare services to provide better health outcomes, and our software targets organisations that provide healthcare services to people living with chronic conditions such as Mental Health illness, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular disease. With a portfolio of SaaS and software applications, we help health businesses be more efficient and better manage patient outcomes. Our solutions include: electronic medical records, patient administration systems, practice management systems, clinical records, secure connectivity, patient engagement platforms and consumer health records. We have a range of relationship and engagement tools, which support healthcare providers to actively engage with their patients, build communities of common interest, share information through forums and chat groups, discuss prescribed treatment plans and empower patients to support themselves and each other. Global Health’s software is designed to support healthcare services delivered anywhere but particularly healthcare delivered in the community and in the home, with the goal of avoiding or delaying the deterioration of an individual’s health condition. Celebrating over 30 years’ of experience and knowledge, Global Health is one of Australia’s longest established and most experienced developers of software applications for the healthcare industry. We work with the healthcare industry, its providers, communities and consumers to enhance connectivity through software systems that support their clinical, business and operational needs.