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The Company’s business mainly comprises three areas: (i) Property development, i.e. development of residential, commercial and apartment hotel properties for leasing or for sale (ii) Hotel development, i.e. development of hotel properties for long-term leasing (iii) Property leasing, i.e. the leasing of retail properties held for investment The Company is selective in choosing the land location of its property development projects as it believes that future growth, government plans and amenities are the critical buying factors. To differentiate its properties, the Company places a high emphasis on the workmanship of its developments, incorporating proper landscaping, recreational facilities and infrastructure to create a desirable living environment to attract its target customers in Australia and overseas, with a focus on China. The Company’s business model is to sell certain properties for immediate return of capital to fund its business, operations and expansion plans, while strategically retaining other properties for stable recurring rental income and long-term capital appreciation. This allows us to generate rental income in addition to the revenue generated from the sale of properties. Further, through retaining and leasing of our commercial and hotel developments as investment properties, we are able to introduce major tenants of strategic significance to our developments and to maintain a clear specific theme for our developments. The Company believes this business model allows it to diversify its sources and timing of its revenue to more effectively manage its capital and funding structure. Going forward, the Company will continue to adopt this business model to balance short-term capital needs and long-term financial strength.