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BPH is a diversified company holding investments in biotechnology and resources. BPH holds a significant interest (26%) in unlisted oil and gas exploration company Advent Energy Ltd. BPH is commercialising a portfolio of Australian biomedical technologies emerging from collaborative research by leading universities, medical institutes and hospitals across Australia. Biomedical technologies in the commercialisation stage include:

  • Cortical Dynamics’ Brain Anaesthesia Response (BAR) Monitor; a device that measures a patient’s brain electrical activity (EEG) to indicate the response to drugs administered during surgery
  • HLS5 Tumour Suppress Gene; a genetic marker for early and accurate cancer detection Molecular Discovery Systems (MDSystems), launched in 2006 and spun off from BPH in 2009, is a subsidiary of BPH for drug discovery and validation of biomarkers for disease, therapy and diagnostics.
Cortical has completed its first human clinical trial using the BAR monitor end-to-end (from electrode to monitor). The aim of study was to (a) evaluate the BAR monitor’s ability to distinguish between two doses of fentanyl, a commonly used analgesic agent, and (b) assess the immunity of the BAR monitor to a range of mechanical and electrical artifacts known to complicate EEG measurement. In the study a total of 25 patients undergoing coronary artery graft bypass surgery were recruited in to the trial. Significantly, the analysis concluded that CI could differentiate between the different doses of fentanyl while CS was well correlated with the Bispectral Index (BIS), a generally accepted measure of sedation. In addition this trial demonstrated the ability of the BAR monitor to operate effectively in an electrically noisy operating room environment. The trial’s findings suggest that the BAR monitor may find significant utility in the delivery of optimal and balanced surgical anaesthesia.


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BPH Energy (ASX: BPH) – Webinar Presentation
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