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Our mission is to bring science to wellbeing. Bioxyne is an Australian life sciences and health products company. Our consumer health products have been developed and sold globally for more than 15 years. Bioxyne is committed to bringing science to wellbeing – everything we do is underpinned by a strong clinical and scientific foundation. Our probiotic range Bioxyne is one of the few companies that own a patented and clinically tested probiotic. Our probiotic product range contains our patented strain PCC® (Lactobacillus fermentum VRI-003). PCC® has a superior ability to survive in the acid environment of the stomach and to colonise the intestinal tract. The effectiveness of PCC® to boost immune and gastrointestinal health has been demonstrated in several clinical trials. PCC® and our probiotic products are manufactured by Chr. Hansen, a global leader in the manufacturing of probiotics and other dietary supplement products for the food, health, pharmaceutical and agricultural businesses. Other products Bioxyne is further developing a range of existing functional food and beauty products containing ingredients sourced exclusively from New Zealand. Visit the Bioxyne International website.