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AMP has a long history of helping our customers manage their finances and achieve their goals. We were founded 170 years ago on a simple yet bold idea: that financial security enabled people to live with dignity. Our founding purpose was captured by the Latin motto: Amicus Certus In Re Incerta – A sure friend in uncertain times. This deep commitment to helping clients continues and is articulated in our purpose statement today – Realise human ambitions. A leader in the Australian market, our reach now spans around the world, where we use our expertise to help clients in New Zealand, and across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the United Kingdom and North America


Shares up/bond yields down, GDP close to stalling, Wages growth slowing, Fed signals easing
Annual growth rate slowest since early 1990s recession (excluding pandemic years)
Home prices rose 0.8% in May - supply shortfall outweighs high rates but wide divergence in gains
Shares under pressure from bond ylds, US election, RBA likely to cut, FWC wage decision, Mar qtr GDP
The US presidential election - implications for investors and Australia
Global PMIs up, Rate worries, but US shares up, What is gold telling us?, National wage decision
The next move in the RBA cash rate likely remains down later this year
The 2024-25 Budget - another surplus, but bigger medium-term deficits with more big spending
Shares up, Is China in a new bull mkt?, RBA less hawkish, BoE near cut, Sweden cuts, Budget preview
RBA holds at 4.35%, retains neutral bias, suggests little tolerance for upside inflation surprise
Seasonal patterns in shares - should we "sell in May and go away"?
US payrolls and wages, US stagflation?, RBA to hold, Aus consumer remains weak, Aus budget
Home prices rose 0.6% in Apr - supply shortfall continues to outweigh negative impact of high rates
The art of happiness - economics and the "hedonic treadmill"
Shares bounce, Is correction over, Strong US earnings, US PCE less bad than feared, Aus cuts delayed
Share correction, Israel escalation risk, Rate cut delays but inflation falling, Q1 CPI to slow 3.4%
Israel/Iran fears and rate cut uncertainty
Bond yields pressure shares, Money markets, RBA doesn't have to wait on Fed, Higher petrol prices?
Seven things you need to know about the Australian property market
Developments in the global investment markets
Seven lasting impacts from the COVID pandemic
Weekly market update: Goldilocks, central banks, RBA
2024: A list of lists regarding the macro investment outlook
Five constraints on medium term investment returns
Mid-Year Outlook - budget deficits revised down, immigration revised up but said to have peaked
Santa Rally, Central banks pivot, RBA to follow with June rate cuts, Mixed Chinese data, Migration
Mid-Year Outlook - budget deficits revised down, immigration revised up but said to have peaked
2023 saw the return of Goldilocks, but what's in store for 2024 for investors?
US payroll jobs data soft, 2.5% inflation mandate with risks, Consumer under pressure
The RBA leaves rates on hold - have we finally reached the top?
Market insights: Shares surge amid inflation optimism; RBA holds firm with hawkish stance
Property market update: National home prices hit record high, but signs of slowdown emerge
Five reasons to expect the $A to rise - providing recession is avoided
Nine key things for successful investing
Shares up, Falling inflation, Wages and jobs not strong enough for a hike, Petrol should be lower
Cash rate up 0.25% to 4.35%, Likely peaked, but 40% chance of one more hike
Shares helped by US earnings, Softer US payrolls, Record population boosting retail, RBA to hike
Australian home prices up on supply shortfall, but at risk from high rates
Shares under pressure, Central banks at/near top, RBA likely to hike, but case for wait and see
Five constraints on medium term investment returns
Surging bond yields pressuring shares, Mid East dilemma for central banks, Risk of rate hike
The threat of higher oil and petrol prices flowing from the war in Israel
Share bounce - have we seen the bottom?, US Sep inflation & Fed, Israeli war & petrol
1987 vs now - rising bond yields (& war in Israel) and the risks for shares
US payrolls push bond yields up, Shares bounce, Sentiment neutral, Concerning signs in RBA FSR
Australian home prices rose another 0.8% in September - tight supply versus high interest rates
RBA left cash rate at 4.1%, We think cash rate likely peaked, but 40% chance of one more hike
Risk of short-term correction, Falling core inflation in Europe & US, US shutdowns, China PMIs
Soft retail sales growth and falling job vacancies boost case for another rate pause in October
Unlocking Investment Returns: The Crucial Role of Valuations and Current Market Signals
Shares under pressure, "Higher for longer", Soft Sep PMIs, US gov shutdown, Surplus, Aug inflation
Housing affordability in Australia; population growth vs. housing supply
Labor bombs out with ideological energy stance
Market update: US inflation, Australia's population increase & surging petrol prices
Outlook for interest rates in Australia and how it effects our economic growth
Shares under pressure; China's iPhone ban; risks from surging petrol prices
RBA left cash rate on hold at 4.1%, Tightening bias retained, We think cash rate has likely peaked
Three reasons to err on the side of optimism as an investor
US jobs data confirms cooling labour mkt, Fed, RBA to hold, Inflation, Qatar flights, China stimulus
Australian home price growth picked up slightly in August - tight supply versus high interest rates
Stronger than expected June quarter business investment, but plans still point to slowdown
No hawkish surprises from Powell, PMIs point to slower growth, IGR projections mean lower growth
China's economic slowdown and structural challenges - and the implications for Australia
Why the need to lift productivity and why it might be hard
Correction risks, US inflation, RBA retains softened tightening bias, Weak Aus consumer, China risks
Recession versus "goldilocks" - five reasons why we could still avoid recession
Australian home price growth slowing again - is the rebound over?
Cash rate at 4.1% for second month, Tightening bias retained but risks more balanced
Fed & ECB at/near top, BoJ tweaks yield control, Aust inf falling, RBA to hold but a close call
Why you need to know the difference between leading and lagging economic indicators
Inflation falls, Russia & wheat, Why RBA must tread carefully on jobs, Aust CPI preview, Jane B
Seven key charts for investors to keep an eye on -- where are they now?
Plunging US inflation, Bullock for next RBA Gov, Gov Lowe's legacy, RBA near top, BoE model risks
15 common sense tips to help manage your finances
Shares down, bond yields up, Strong US jobs, Expect more from RBA, Echoes of 88-89, El Nino
2022-23 saw investment returns rebound -- but is it sustainable?
Australian home prices up in June for the fourth month in a row - but how sustainable is it?
Strong returns, Inflation, Hawkish central banks, RBA likely to hike, Why Lowe should stay
Australian recession Q&A - Why the worry? What's the risk? And what would it mean for investors?
Ups and Downs at the Big End of Town
AMP Carrot Bigger than its Stick
Market On Board with AMP Asset Sale Strategy
Intrigue Surrounds AMP Intentions for Collimate
No (Bad) News is Good News for AMP
AMP to Retain Office Trust
AMP Shares Jump on Life Insurance Sale
AMP: Life in the old dog yet
ASIC Proceeding with "Dead Fees" Case Against AMP
Little Reaction to ASIC AMP Action
Relief Rally Sees AMP Bounce off Record Lows
AMP the Little Aussie Bleeder
AMP Finally Confirms De Ferrari Exit
AMP Ares Deadline Passes with No Deal Done
AMP Playing Musical Chairs Again?
AMP Octopus Sheds another Tentacle
AMP to Sell off Part of Capital Arm
AMP Price Whacked on Ares Disappearing Act
No Div, No Bid Leaves AMP Shareholders in Limbo