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The Aeris range of products brings decades of success in the laboratory to people, their businesses and their homes. Aeris Environmental Ltd brings disruptive clean green technology to drive measurable improvements and changes in the performance and sustainability of the key assets in the built environment and those that occupy it. We solve real-world problems more effectively than conventional toxic technologies - solutions uniquely based on validated, green, CleanTech approaches. We are ASX listed, producing Australian-made solutions and patented technology. ​​Our long pedigree in health care and hospitals is backed by our partnership with the globally recognised laboratory and research team at Novapharm Research. At Aeris our team are world-leading experts in microbial control and application of long term residual protection and coatings. ​We present our customers and partners with compelling reasons for implementation, driven by rapid Return On Investment, innovative structure and finance that delivers cash flow positive outcomes from the date of installation. We embrace technology and data, having made a direct investment in our AerisVIEW cloud-based network, which is uniquely scalable across all climate-controlled environments, buildings, trains, planes, trucks, and ships. Aeris' whole of system approach, not only ensures systems perform better, last longer and cost less to run, but also helps building owners and managers create more sustainable built environment.