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A1 Investments & Resources Ltd (AYI) is an investment firm that focuses on projects in Australia and Asia. Until 2014 the company had a focus upon natural resource companies and projects in Australia but as commodity prices fell along with the capitalisation of natural resource companies including the primary investments of the Company, throughout 2013 and into 2014 the Board of the Company resolved to change direction, whilst maintaining a general investment philosophy for the Company. The Company maintains and intends to maintain and build a diversified investments portfolio worldwide. A full re-assessment took place of the Company’s investments and its future direction. In 2015 the Company sought and obtained other funding primarily from WIN Singapore which was looking to expand its business into Australia. The Company was successful in raising $2.45 million. The Company subsequently invested in and managed a retail food outlet, a food manufacturing business, an advertising business in Japan, and a local tour company in Sydney. In mid 2016 the Company sold the Japanese advertising business. In late 2016 the company acquired a farm at Jondaryan on the Darling Downs in southern Queensland, and in early 2017 it entered a farming joint venture for the production of vegetables from the property.