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At 9Spokes, they get it. Small businesses are the backbone of economies. Across all industries, they are retailers, eateries, fitness studios, distillers, carpenters, IT gurus — you name it! They are digital start-ups, single-site stores and burgeoning chains. And, although essential, they're often under supported. We started 9Spokes to change this. It began in 2012. Apps were on the rise, and options that were previously only accessible to larger organizations were suddenly available for small businesses. We saw an appetite for digital technologies among SMBs, we also noticed they were often overwhelmed by choice. We wanted to bring a big business edge to all businesses, and so 9Spokes was born. Our combined experience told us there are 9 key business functions — 'spokes' if you will — from money and product to people and sales, and everything in between. We set about building something to bring these functions together, to harness the data and support small business growth.